Decorate-A-Vet Gets Ready for Thier 8th Annual event

Decorate A Vet

NUI Media is a proud sponsor of an upstanding organization dedicated to helping local veterans decorate for the holidays, called “Decorate-A-Vet.” Each year, the members and volunteers of Decorate-A-Vet select various veterans in the Northern Virginia community to help those who have sacrificed so much. The services provided for each years veterans range from basic household chores, such as cleaning gutters, clearing brush, trimming tree limbs, or maintaining their sidewalks and landscapes; to simple electrical work requirements, or helping with wheelchair ramps and handrail installation to make it safer for them to move about the house. Lets not forget about the decorations!

Started as a wish to give back by local businessman Jeff Jones of Classics Stonescaping & Gardens. The organization is now currently in its 8th year of operation. The goal is to raise money and receive valuable donations of time, goods, and services to help our veterans who have helped us live freer lives. Any additional help that can be contributed is always welcomed and much appreciated.

NUI Media offers a full-suite ad-serving platform and digital agency, dedicated to the overall success for all of our clients. NUI is honored to have donated our website design and web hosting services to an organization that provides so much to others. Keeping information fresh and accessible and maintaining the look and feel is paramount to the success of the Decorate-A-Vet website.

Hoping to make a donation to Decorate-A-Vet? You can do so HERE.

Decorate A Vet will be holding their annual fundraising event at Clare and Don’s Beach Shack located in Falls Church, Virginia on November 12th. More information on the event can be found HERE.