NUI Media Security Policy


The security of your data is very important to us at NUI Media. We anticipate the needs and demands of our clients by providing a safe and reliable ad serving platform for the delivery of targeted advertising.

NUI Media servers are all hosted in a secure location within the Amazon Cloud (AWS) in Ashburn, VA. This facility provides an extremely high level of operation security, including 24/7 on site security, redundant power sources. All log data is purged from our systems after 60 days.

All of our servers are also protected by high performance monitored firewalls, which include multiple failover systems and redundant hardware in case of hardware failure. Our systems are tested for vulnerabilities regularly, and complete automated backups are performed nightly.

NUI Media uses HTTPS for all of the data that we send and receive on behalf of our clients. This ensures that all user data in transit is both safe and secure, to ensure it is only available to the intended recipients.

Additionally, we maintain that our clients and individuals own all their data and we do not and will not ever exchange, share or sell that data with any 3rd parties.

It is essential that we keep your data safe and secure, and if you have any questions about data security please contact NUI Media Support.

Alaka‘i (AH-la-KAH-ee)

“Alaka‘i is the Hawaiian value of leadership, and it is a quality desired both in managing and leading. It includes coaching, guiding and mentoring others to support their growth and self-development.”