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“NUI Media is playing an integral role by handling all of our AdOps, removing a pain point and allowing to focus on content and sales.”

Operations Manager,


Overview® is one of the largest and premiere online publications for HR professionals. With over 1.3  million registered HR professionals, the site is a booming community. Founded in 1999, serves as a dynamic and comprehensive resource for HR professionals of all skill levels seeking an online social and professional community where HR employees can interact with one another, view relevant content, and purchase training programs.

Customer Objective

As a result of’s exponential growth and the exceptional value its members and visitors bring to advertisers, offers advertisers a compelling opportunity to reach its engaged audience. Recognizing this value, the site sought to bring highly-targeted and relevant offerings to its visitors by opening its inventory to advertisers while maintaining its unparalleled user experience. Additionally, sought to increase online revenue and share of voice by improving ad performance throughout its site. The HR site continues to enhance the value of its current inventory and further differentiate itself from the “run-of-the-mill” Web forums and discussion boards.

As membership and site traffic increased, HR quickly outgrew its original ad serving system, which provided only limited technology features, delivery performance, and customer support. When faced with this set of unique business challenges, the HR management team began to explore alternative enterprise-level ad serving and management solutions to support their targeting and optimizing objectives while also removing the pain point of advertising operations. 

NUI Media Solution

Utilizing NUI Media’s tailored implementation methodology and dedicated support team, began operating on NUI Media in less than a day, implementing the NUI Media ad server for numerous campaigns across its site.

Specifically, has benefited from the following NUI Media capabilities:

Fixed Fees

Having a flat fee for ad serving and ad operations lends itself to better and more accurate budgeting. NUI Media is providing a cost effective and complete solution.

Premium Ad Operations

By outsourcing its ad operations to NUI Media, benefits by freeing up the time of its team to focus on the core offering(s). From campaign creation to reporting, NUI Media’s team of detailed professionals ensure all advertiser requests are met and expectations exceeded.

Problem Solving/Client Services

From time to time, a complex situation arises that requires additional attention and problem solving. NUI Media’s team of seasoned professionals are adept at seeing these issues are dealt with to a complete solution.


As needed/requested, NUI Media provides with consulting services as it relates to advertising on the website and e-newsletters. Also included are best practices on ad placements and web/design questions.

Business Results

By using NUI Media, has grown its user and content business without a comparable growth in operating cost as it relates to ad serving and ad operations. It has improved the performance of ad operations at a fraction of the cost of hiring to fill the AdOps role and has also freed up time for the staff. Having NUI Media’s dedicated team of ad operation professionals handle all of the day-to-day tasks has given peace of mind to that tasks are getting done to ensure their advertisers have the best experience possible.

Notable success metrics include the following:

  • Considerable savings from not hiring a dedicated AdOps position
  • Effective troubleshooting of discrepancies with 3rd party tags
  • Optimize creatives and corresponding campaigns to streamline delivery
  • Analyze data to provide comprehensive understanding of performance metrics

About NUI Media Inc.
NUI Media ( develops and manages a leading SaaS-based digital ad serving and management platform. The NUI Media platform comprises unique solutions for advertisers, publishers, and networks, as well as a variety of ad operations and technology customization services. NUI Media was founded in 2015 and boasts customers across all major global geographies. The company is headquartered in Arlington, VA.