Shark SUPS USA Launches New Web Site by NUI Media

Shark SUPS USA,, a rising star in the inflatable stand up paddle board market, launched a new website designed and maintained by NUI Media. The new site accentuates its line of inflatable stand up paddle boards (SUPS) along with a full eCommerce integration. Shark SUPS key advantage is the durability of the materials used, which allows for their SUPS to be inflated to higher PSI’s as compared to it’s competitors.  The new web site showcases a product line-up that has a board for everyone.

NUI Media combined aesthetically appealing graphics with informative links to streamline users to their desired focus area of the site.  The site features Shark SUPS USA’s entire line-up of boards, with information on their different uses. Additionally, integrations with payment gateways Stripe and PayPal were configured to ensure visitors to the site had an easy method to complete a purchase.

NUI Media designed the website to reflect Shark SUPS USA’s innovative yet practical spirit.  The vibrant colors provide the perfect backdrop to the site’s uncluttered and functional layout.  As the SUPS market continues to grow at record pace, NUI Media realized it needed to create a site that would both attract the user and provide practical and educational information.  The collaboration between NUI Media and Shark SUPS USA has resulted in a form meets function website that will surely promote company performance.