NUI-x: RTB enabled SSP

Originally developed for the monetization of unsold inventory, NUI-x has evolved into a full fledged solution to have indirect demand compete with your direct sold campaigns. Take advantage of our dynamic floor pricing to optimize the CPM you can achieve on your inventory.

Monetization and Optimization

As the ad:tech industry evolves, so do programmatic RTB demand channels. With NUI-x, tap into premium quality buyers via an SSP integrated directly into the ad serving platform.

Dynamic Floor Pricing

Set a zone wide floor price that applies to all enabled ad placements, or customize floor price per ad placement to optimize your CPM.

Cross Platform

Effectively offer RTB demand to all your inventory across traditional web and mobile platforms.

Whitelists & Blacklists

Utilize up-to-date industry whitelists and blacklists to ensure ad quality and brand safety.

Why choose NUI Media?

When all is said and done, we want our customers to walk away impressed by our service. At NUI Media, it’s not just about building world class software, we strive to build long lasting relationships.


Our Approach


Enable select inventory to participate in our SSP, tapping into various demand sources to flow through a source of demand in a real-time bidding environment.


Utilize custom price floors and advertiser exclusions to ensure you get the best performance out of your various ad placements.


Publisher earnings are gathered and paid out on a regular time schedule. (net67)

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