NUI Media is Launching NUIx!

NUI Media is happy to announce our first demand partner RhythmOne. With this partnership, the fuse of NUIx has been lit and will finally launch for our customer base in January 2018. RhythmOne has maintained a #1 Ranking on Pixalate’s US Global Seller Trust Index for the 7th Consecutive Month

NUIx offers more real-time bidding (RTB) sources, and monetization of in-stream video and mobile applications along with our traditional display inventory. We’ve added more intelligence: NUIx manages yield by considering the unique attributes of media buyers, site quality, and insights about the user. NUIx accelerates, automates, and simplifies access to RTB and traditional campaign sources, enabling publishers to manage unsold (and undersold) inventory without having to invest in new technologies, multiple vendors, or numerous media contracts.

NUIx. Turnkey Monetization Across Display, Mobile, Video.

  • More Sources Means More Price Competition. Access to 30+ RTB and quality network traffic sources for display, in- app mobile, and video.
  • Audience Buying Drives Higher CPMs. RTB targeting pays you more for your most valuable segments and users.
  • Upsell Premium Campaigns. Bid users via NUIx, even when you have guaranteed campaigns, and up-sell users if the exchanges price better.
  • Lower Media Fees. NUIx offers the highest revenue-share in the industry for publishers.
  • Guaranteed Payment. We finalize invoices within 15 days of the activity month and guarantee payment in 67 days or less.
  • Eliminate Channel Conflict. Maintain control of floor prices and advertiser filters, so that NUIx doesn’t conflict with your direct sales team and direct advertiser relationships.
  • Brand Safe. NUIx’s integrated filtering and flexible blocking eliminate inappropriate content and unsuitable advertisers from showing up on your sites.
  • Daily Reporting. No need to review and consolidate reporting from multiple demand sources. Get daily reporting from all NUIx sources – all within the NUI Media ad server.
  • Single Contract. Consolidate and manage multiple media sources, payment cycles, and contracts through a single master contract with no long-term commitment.

Interested in learning more? Contact and let us show you how we can help.