Founded in 1974 (incorporated in 1975), the Loft is a haven for readers and writers. It is one of the largest centers of its kind in the country and located in Minneapolis, MN. Our mission is to advance the artistic development of writers, foster a thriving literary community, and inspire a passion for literature. The Loft brings essential conversations, artists, readers, and learning opportunities together under one roof, including classes, conferences, festivals, events, grants and awards, one-on-one services for writers, residencies, and community engagement.

Customer Objectives

As a result of the launch of the Loft’s new website, additional opportunities were made available to monetize the pages and bring exceptional value that its members and visitors bring to advertisers. The Loft offers advertisers a compelling opportunity to reach its engaged and niche audience. Recognizing this value, the site sought to bring highly-targeted and relevant offerings to its visitors by opening its inventory to advertisers while maintaining its unparalleled user experience. An ad serving solution was needed to provide advertisers meaningful insight into campaign performance.

Additionally, The Loft sought to outsource its ad sales and ad operations as staff was limited and time to learn the ad operations role was limited, as was having to support advertisers. When faced with this set of unique business challenges, the Loft management team began to explore options to support their set of needs and optimize objectives, while achieving full service client service.  The NUI Media Ad Server was the best fit and best value.

NUI Media Solution

Utilizing NUI Media’s tailored implementation methodology and dedicated support team, The Loft began operating on NUI Media before the new site was launched. NUI Media consulted with the Loft on new ad placements on the site and which ad dimensions generate the most value. NUI Media worked closely with the firm handling the design of the new site and generated  the “ad tags” from the NUI Media ad server to ensure proper implementation.

Specifically, The Loft has benefited from the following NUI Media capabilities:

World Class Ad Serving Technology

The ad server allows The Loft to deliver targeted advertising and provide meaningful data back to the advertisers. The NUI Media Ad Server also ensures that ads are delivered without impact to the user experience of the website. The Loft can now provide real time data back to advertisers at a moment’s notice.

Ad Operations

NUI Media provides the Loft with a complete ad operations solution. All aspects of the day-to-day use are handled by the NUI Media team of seasoned professionals. This entails:  taking advertiser IO’s and ensuring they are added to the ad server correctly, generating ad tags as needed, management of advertising on the Loft site and eNewsletters, also powered by NUI Media and MailChimp.

Ad Sales

To get the most revenue as possible, the Loft has looked to NUI Media to find and source new and recurring advertisers. NUI Media created a media kit and adjusted rates to be more in line with what the industry is commanding. NUI Media is also acting as the clearing house for the Loft, securing payments from the advertisers before campaigns are made active.

Business Results

By using NUI Media, The Loft will be on pace to significantly grow its advertising revenue by more than 3x. Through more sophisticated advertising management practices, the Loft has also linked its content strategy more in line with its advertising goals and better monetized all components of its user traffic.

Notable success metrics include the following:

  • Successfully launched the new site integrating NUI Media ad code
  • Secured initial run of advertisers after site launch and received payments
  • Delivered the user experience they desired with ad placements that are not intrusive

About NUI Media Inc.

NUI Media (www.NUIMedia.com) develops and manages a leading SaaS-based digital ad serving and management platform. The NUI Media ad server comprises unique solutions for advertisers, publishers, and networks, as well as a variety of ad operations and technology customization services.  NUI Media was founded in 2015 and boasts nearly 100 customers across all major global geographies. The company is headquartered in Arlington, VA.

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