Internet and digital advertising veteran, David Waldack, today announced the launch of NUI Media (, a digital advertising technology company that enables publishers to effectively and easily manage their digital advertising efforts in a single system.

The NUI Media Ad Server is a sophisticated SaaS solution with a mature code base, in its 8th generation of development, which has been tried and tested since the dawn of the Internet boom. An all-in-one holistic solution for display, mobile, rich media and video, NUI Media is a robust technology giving its clients the power and flexibility to effectively manage their online advertising business.

NUI Media has designed its platform to be affordable, intuitive, powerful, and easy to use for any sized organization, from larger networks/multi-site publishers to non-profits or mid-sized publishers of digital content. NUI Media’s Ad Server is also RTB enabled and comes fully equipped with an SSP component, bringing RTB competition to clients’ inventory with its NUI-x platform. By providing an additional source of programmatic demand, NUI Media helps streamline ad operations and boost its clients’ bottom line by bringing the competition for their inventory to them.

According to a recent IAB report, U.S. Internet ad revenues reached an historic high of $13.3 billion in Q1 of 2015. This represents a 16% increase over the same period in 2014. “Publishers of digital media need a single tool to tap into this growth of ad revenue,” says David Waldack, Founder and CEO of NUI Media. “NUI Media is providing publishers the tools they need to run, monetize, and manage their digital properties. With a focus on premium inventory, the NUI Ad Server and the NUI-x platform bring competition from multiple demand sources to boost CPMs for our digital publishers. We are proud to launch NUI Media as a global brand.”

NUI Media already has a range of globally based businesses in its client roster, including Audience2Media, Dr. Weil, The Project Management Institute, Insider Louisville, and Monumental Network.


About NUI Media

Founded in 2015, NUI Media is a publisher and ad network geared digital advertising technology platform with deep roots in the online advertising industry. The NUI Ad Server, which is in its 8th generation, is at the core of what NUI Media has to offer. A feature rich Ad Server with a focus on user experience and satisfaction, NUI Media caters to the needs of publishers, as well as ad networks that require the infrastructure to scale with them as their business grows.