NUI-x RTB Launches!

NUI Media is pleased to announce that we have completed the integration and testing with RhythmOne. With this integration, publishers that are delivering ads using the NUI Media Ad Server will now be able to receive bids from premium advertisers via NUI-x RTB.

NUI Media is committed to the quality of the traffic that we allow into NUI-x and not every request to participate will be accepted. NUI Media will only work with premiumcontent providers, both big and small.

Paired with the NUI Media ad server, Publishers can set how NUI-x RTB, which is paired with the NUI Media ad server, is to compete with other ad sources and direct sold campaigns. 

Have your active campaigns pass their CPM as a floor price or manually set a floor price down to the ad spot level to optimize ad revenue.

To help combat ad fraud and increase visibility, all publishers participating in NUI-x RTB will be required to place an ads.txt file per the IAB guidelines.

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