NUI Media works with nonprofits and associations to help them maximize their non-dues revenue stream.

Not every association has the time or manpower to monitor and optimize the digital advertising they place on their respective web sites. NUI Media works closely with association clients, and in some cases, will take over all ad operations to ensure maximum efficiency. NUI’s team often becomes an extension of our clients’ team, consulting and collaborating with them to ensure goals and deadlines are met. NUI understands how associations work and can help efficiently optimize non-dues revenue.

NUI’s premium package for associations is an all encompassing solution:

• 15 Million Ad Impressions/Month

• NUI Portal and Phone Support

• Ad Ops Support [Limited]

• 48 Hour Turn-Around

• Automated Reporting and Alerts

If you’re ready to learn more about how NUI Media can help your association or non-profit, the same way we help NADA, The Project Management Institute or, contact us today.

We focus on the technology, letting you focus on the needs of your professionals.