A Proven Easy To Use Ad Sever

The NUI Ad Server is an easy to use SaaS technology, whose team has spent decades on the development of the user experience in the user interface. Even new users of the NUI Ad Server can be up and running in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days. Just because something is complicated or forces you to use more of your valuable time does not mean that it is better for you business.


Easy To Use Dashboard
NUI Ad Server Dashboard


The NUI Ad Server graphical dashboard provides users a real-time snapshot of what is going on in their account. From your top advertisers and sites to the NUI Alert system, the NUI dashboard gives users a good launching point for using the system.

Easy To Use Advertiser Management
NUI Ad Server Advertisers Tab
With one click from the dashboard, you can go directly to an advertiser or site detail page. Here, you can make changes to a campaign. Changing a creative or adjusting the campaign delivery is almost instantaneous when you hit save.
Easy To Use Reporting
NUI Ad Server Reports Tab
Along with the ease-of-use, comes the power that your business requires to maximize your digital advertising efforts. The NUI Ad Server ad hoc reporting engine puts the power of your data at your fingertips. Define the report that you want and get it when you need it.
Did we also mention that our team of experts are available at no cost as part of the support we offer? Have a problem or not sure how to do something? Our team is always eager to help via our customer support portal powered by Zendesk.

If you are interested in learning more about the NUI Media Ad Server and how easy to use it is, please click HERE to have a member of our team contact you and arrange a demo.