NUI Media to Deliver Digital Media services for In-telligent

In-telligent app

In-telligent app interface

NUI Media (NUI) is pleased to announce a partnership with In-telligent, a communications technology company that provides peace of mind to its users through their building notification software. With remarkable ease of use, the In-telligent platform enables users to be better engaged in their communities. Valuable awareness is then created, which strengthens trust, heightens safety, and drives revenue. 

“Our partnership with NUI is a perfect fit to complement the mobile application we have developed,” said Al Sutherland, In-telligent’s Founder and CEO. “In-telligent was born out of a passionate desire to keep people safer and better informed during times of crisis. We are thrilled to be working with an extraordinary company like NUI Media.”

By leveraging NUI’s proprietary ad-serving technology and outsourced ad operations, In-telligent will have all of the tools it needs to deliver meaningful traffic to national and local advertisers. NUI’s complete solution provides the In-telligent team time to focus on their core business.

In addition, creative development services will be offered to advertisers interested in advertising in the app. The NUI creative team will be developing captivating ads for companies that may otherwise not have the resources.

“In-telligent is leveraging NUI’s technology stack to deliver advertising to its mobile app,” according to NUI Media CEO, David Waldack. “NUI Media will also be assisting in selling and developing digital creatives for local businesses that will be advertising in-app. Most important, NUI will provide the ability to hyper-target advertisements within a specified GPS radius (Geo Targeting).”

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