Publishers in Sweden To Combat Ad Blocking

In an initiative spearheaded by the IAB Sweden, nearly 90% of top Swedish publishers are uniting to prevent people using ad blocking software from viewing the content on their sites, according to a report in Digiday.

The IAB Sweden reported that in 2015 there was a bump of about 10% of web users who are installing and using ad blocking software. This equates to about 30% of all Swedish internet users.

In August of this year, around 90% of Swedish publishers will ask users to disable ad blockers in order to gain access to the content on their sites, under the “Advertising friendly Sweden” initiative.

Users will be given the option of paying a nominal fee of around $0.36 to view articles or see a stripped down version of the website that will show fewer articles and video content that is running at lower frame rates.

For their part, Swedish publishers will also be looking to change how ads appear on their websites, by reducing or eliminating disruptive ads.

Given the size of Sweden’s online publishing industry, which is relatively small, publishers around the globe will be watching for how this pans out before adopting such measures. Some companies like Forbes and GQ are already testing, with some success, the same sort of measures.